Saturday, April 3, 2010

Way Behind, Need to Catch Up

So I am a super slacker since it's been 2 1/2 months since the last post & so much has been going on. We are now officially at 39 weeks and still waiting. Still feeling good, but look more like a pregnant woman now. Not the most flattering picture, but probably the last one you're gonna see until the baby is born. Carson is getting anxious & really wants her to come out. He even put the car seat in the car so we don't have to worry about it. I have my bag packed & am just waiting.

I guess I'll go backwards from here to catch up on what's been going on.

March 27th, completed the nursery. It turned out so cute. I am really pleased with the way it turned out. We didn't have to paint or anything. Didn't really want to & don't know what our landlord would have said. Thank you Tanya for the wall hangings. They are so adorable! She has plenty of clothes & all of the other things are just waiting to be used when she comes.

On March 13th, I had a shower thrown by my in-laws. It was at the restaurant, but it was decorated so cute that it didn't look much like a mexican restaurant but more like a baby themed restaurant. I don't have pictures on my camera, so I'll have to post some later when I get them from my mother in-law. We got a lot of diapers at that shower since everyone that was invited got to participate in a raffle if they brought diapers. I can show you how many diapers we got. Quite a funny picture & I think we are set on diapers for awhile. We'll even have to take some back for different sizes. Yes that is the ceiling & I am 36 weeks in this picture. The diapers are now in the closet so the nursery could get done.

February 27th, attended a baby shower put on by my sisters at the Fairway Grill in St. George. I was so lucky to have all my sisters, my mom & my friend, Tanya come from California. I couldn't ask for better family & friends. It was beautifully decorated, the atmosphere was great & there was no cleanup. Unfortunately the weather wasn't the best, but it still turned out great. In fact every single shower that was thrown for me had raining weather. Go figure! Maybe she'll be born in the rain. I got a lot of great gifts for the baby including a swing from my mom, lots of clothese, & the travel system from my sisters. She has a special blanket made by Grandma & lots of toys & books to play with & read. I am 34 weeks at this point.

The first shower that was thrown for me & the baby was on February 6th & the Brooks put it on. Brook Brinkerhoff & Brook Flygare. Brinkerhoff hosted it at her house & ladies from the ward were invited. It was an open house shower so people could come & go as they pleased. We had all sorts of cookies to munch on that were yummy & milk. The decorations were ladybugs since her nursery is ladybugs & I had a very fun time. Thank you for those that came. It was my first experience opening baby gifts & pulling out all the girly outfits & baby stuff. Something I will get used to as the weeks move on. I would have been 31 weeks back then.

So that about sums up what's been going on since the last post. I'm still working at the restaurant & have an official 5 days until my due date. It won't be long now!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happenings of the Hunts

So I guess we need to update our blog a little more often than every 10 months. Hopefully we will be better at it. This is my first post as Carson has done most of the blogging, so I'm going to give it a try.

The reason for today's post is so that everyone can see our baby girl. We had a 2nd ultrasound today to make sure her heart was in good condition because they couldn't get a good picture from the 1st ultrasound. While we were doing the medical part, we decided to have a 3D version done. It's quite amazing what they can do now with images from an ultrasound. So here are some pictures of her at 29 1/2 weeks or a little over 7 months. The first one is a profile of her about to suck in her thumb. Many of the pictures we got of her were with her hand in her mouth. Orthodontics here we come! The second picture is more of a front shot and the third just cracks me up. She has the biggest smile and is waving at you. She might have her dad's personality from that picture, but she was pretty shy & didn't want her picture taken most of the time while we were having the ultrasound done. So who knows which one of us she'll take after.

We are also clearing out the room where the nursery is going to go because we received our crib the other day & have a dresser coming as well. Carson had fun putting it together & it looks amazing. Once we get all the decorations, it will look better, but here's the crib.

The restaurant is doing better this month after a few slow months and is definitely keeping us busy. Hopefully things will continue to get better. It seems like restaurants are dropping like flies here in St. George. We have a good following from our customers during lunch time and really appreciate their patronage. We changed our hours in October so now we're open for lunch & dinner rather than breakfast & lunch. Dinner hasn't quite caught on, but we are keeping our hopes high.

P.S. Here is me at a little over 7 months as well. Still hardly showing.

P.S.S. So I'm not sure how often I'll be posting things because this one took me 2 hours to do. Nae I might be calling you for advice. :)

P.S.S.S. I know many are wondering if we have a name yet and the answer to that is no. We have some picked out, but nothing definitive yet.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

We're Open!!!

Yes, we finally have Gringo Grill open for business. We opened on Tuesday of this week and things have been going really well so far. Our lunch hour on Tuesday was swamped and completely caught us off guard,we couldn't believe how many people showed up on our first day. Yesterday and today we've been a little more prepared and the flow has been a lot more manageable. We seem to already have a small following with some of our customers coming all three days so far. Everyone seems to like the food and say that the prices are right. So we're excited for the future of our little grill with all of the possibilities as we continue to get our name and reputation out even more. We would like to thank everyone who has stopped in and tried us out so far and would like to invite those who haven't to come in and try us when they have a chance. Also, we would like to thank those who helped us put everything together, our family has been a great help. My(Carson) parents and Tacy have been a great help and Darice has also been in and helped make the place look a little nicer with picking out some colors and lending us some good hand writing...haha. Thanks guys, we couldn't have done it without you!

Friday, March 27, 2009


Well we've got everything painted, the trim and baseboards are in and we got our equipment delivered today. We're on track to be open next week. Just need the pepsi guy to show up so I can have something to put with our crushed ice :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Good ol' St. George

Well, we've made it back to St. George. We pulled into town Sunday night and we've been unpacking ever since. We've got everything in the house and so we just have to finish putting everything away. We really like our new house. It's just right down the street from where we used to live in Cotton Manor and now we're just south of the 2450 East park. 

Now our new project will be getting the restaurant up and going. We've decided to use the name "Gringo Grill" after all. Yesterday we went to a food show so that I could get familiar with all of the products and so Rochelle could re-familiarize herself with everything and talk to her Food Rep. We've finalized our lease on our location and it is in the old Honolulu Grill location at 1316 S. 400 E. which is just off of Riverside Dr. We're hoping to be able to have a soft opening by the first part of April. We just need to purchase our equipment and get the layout approved by the city and the health dept. So we will keep you updated on our timeline and when you can expect to be able to stop by and get yourselves some of Rochelle's great cookin'.

We're excited about our new endeavors, but we will miss Brawley as well. (Well, not the summer heat so much, but everything else. I'll have to really experience an Imperial Valley summer another time.) We had a lot of fun down there and it was great being able to hang out with Rochelle's family. I'll miss being able to go fishing in the canals or shooting with Conrad. It was fun being able to get to know the little kids as well, Little Jim and Emerson were both a ton of fun, especially seeing Jim open up and start talking a lot. When we first got down there he never made a sound, and now he's quite the little talker. Emerson has been talking quite a bit ever since we got down there, but she's been fun listening to her little comments in church. :) 

We're grateful for everything that we have been blessed with and for all the great opportunities that have been opened up to us. We're lucky to have such great families.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Quick Update

Well, I(Carson) thought I would get on here and post a quick update so Tacy will get off my back about only having one post so far. I don't think we really have anything that new for the people that I know of that read our blog. But if there is anyone else that I don't know about, this is for you. We made a trip to Utah a couple of weeks ago. Rochelle's grandparents needed to get up there to take care of a few things and so we got to drive them up there. St. George received us very well because within a few hours of us arriving, it was snowing in St. George. Somehow mother nature must have known that I had been missing the snow.

While we were up there it gave us a chance to work on some of the stuff we needed to get done. I had a chance to make some good contacts for my work with investments. Rochelle and I have also decided that we're going to partner up with a couple of her relatives and give her restaurant another try.. This time we have found a location that is already configured for a restaurant and so we wont have to do any remodeling which is what complicated things the first time. If everything continues to go well, we will be opening in the old "Honolulu Grill" location just off of Riverside Drive. There are a few things that we still need to take care of to make sure that location will work, but hopefully, everything will go smoothly. The restaurant will be patterned after a couple of places that we have down here in Brawley and we'll be open for breakfast and lunch. Originally, when Rochelle was doing this before, it was called "Chellitas", but we think we want to put more of a snack bar/grill twist on it. We have a few ideas that we're leaning towards, but if anyone has a creative mind, I can pass along any ideas to the boss...haha 

Anyway, that was pretty much our trip to St. George. We are thinking that we'll go up again  soon and get the ball rolling to get all of the needed approvals from the city and such. I'll be sure to let everyone know when we get back up there for good and when our opening day will be so you can grab all of your friends, family, neighbors, acquaintances, strangers, etc. and bring them on over to taste some of Rochelle's delicious cooking.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just getting started

Well, we decided that we better jump on the bandwagon as well and get a blog going since most of our family and friends already have them.

Just so everyone is aware, in August we moved to southern California to the small city of Brawley. Brawley is where Rochelle grew up and where her parents and three of her siblings still reside. Among other reasons, we moved down here so that Carson could start working in the commodities industry, specializing in Managed Futures. It is a temporary move and we will eventually return to good ol' St. George. But in the mean time we are having fun down here in the warm weather. Carson has returned to his days with his trombone and plays in two local bands. He also goes out with Conrad, Rochelle's brother, and goes hunting and/or fishing. We hang out and spend most of our free time with Rochelle's family members (brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, etc.) or by taking a weekend trip to San Diego. Rochelle also works in the office with Carson for a few hours a day and takes care of the stuff for the commodity company, but also helps her dad out with the farm stuff too. We both have callings in our ward, Rochelle being the secretary of the Relief Society and Carson being the ward music chairman, which includes organizing and leading the choir.

We will try to keep this up to date as much as posible.